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Job Title Letter of Credit Operator     
Workplace shenzhen city
Wages Negotiable
Number 1
Validity 180days
Date 2010/8/9

1. In charge of doing and auditing documents of domestic and international settlement business. Proficient in issuing letters of credit, audit, and document operation. Able to do documents and audit the Letters from all the foreign countries independently, and to analyze and audit them in a timely manner.
2. In charge of correspondence, documents and files in the international settlement. In charge of first audit and production of bill of lading and handover the entire process of execution and settlement tracking, to ensure the quality of documents and the validity of the provisions.
3. Relevant in international and domestic trade financing operations and management.
4. Making relevant business reports and files.
5. Other related work assigned by superiors.

1. Education
A. Bachelor degree, Business English, related fields in International Trade or International Finance; CET6 or above. CET8 preferred.
B. Having certificate of foreign trade or having the relevant certificates preferred.
C. Good at reading and writing in English, fluent oral English, proficient in English writing and communication.
D. Proficient in Office System, CRM systems and other common office software.
2. Experience
A. 3 years working experience in foreign trade documents: engaged in international and domestic settlement and other related work experience for 2 years or more; letter of credit operations experience preferred.
B. Familiar with the operation flow of international freight forwarding documents; familiar with the basics of credit and related preferred.
C. Familiar with the operation of import and export trade documents and procedures; familiar with dealing with the exit row set, booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, certificate, etc.
D. Familiar with the production, organization and audit of import and export documents.
3. Professional work experience
A. Proficient in UCP600, proficient in the credit deal, and familiar with the Bank PB transaction.
B. Familiar with international and domestic trade financing operation process and the settlement risk.
C. Familiar with the People's Bank and the SAFE and the relevant provisions concerning foreign exchange used in the daily work.
D. Having a solid knowledge of international trade, import and export documents. 
E. Proficient in shipping, air freight and various freight operations.
4. Capacity
A. Having excellent ability to judge, and analyze risks. Able to do things decisively. Strong affinity towards customers.
B. Patient, meticulous, rigorous, rational and careful; having a strong sense of responsibility.
C. Adaptable, proactive, having good ability to learn new things.
D. Of good temperament, good communication and interpersonal skills, strong sense of service, ability to withstand stress; able to go on with other colleagues well and work together with team.

Salary: Negotiable


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