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Job Title Foreign Trade Director     
Workplace nanshan
Wages negotiation
Number 1
Validity 360days
Date 2010/6/25

Position Describe

1Import and export business make and planning processes, according to subordinates to collect important information to analyze the data, and actively expend the domestic and international markets.

2charge for the development of related industries import and export business, review and sign foreign trade contracts.

3charge for the signing of trade contracts and supervision of large execution of the contract.

4to keep in touch with the important customers and relationship maintenance

5To assist companies in international general manager of the overall coordination of work.

6Assist General Manager to complete the annual sales targets.

7Charge in brand building of company's products in overseas.

8To assist the company's financial department to properly carry instruments to integrate the work of foreign trade.

Employment Required

1Education : marketing or international trade, Bachelor degree or above, access to the National Foreign Trade Manager Certificate.

2working experience

AIs a position in industry, management experience and a high dependence , more than 3 years of work experience in this industry.

Bwith experience in channel management and marketing planning and branding capabilities.

CHave strong personnel management capabilities; strong organization and coordination capacity.

3team management experience

Aover one year working experience in same position.

BMust have led teams of 20 or more foreign trade experience, success stories.


Career path

1Lead the team in the previous fiscal year's outstanding performance, begin the next fiscal year will increase 5% of salary.

2Opportunities for advancement, according to the company development plan implementation, when the company added new business team, give priority to promotion of Business General Manager.

3Work and operational capacity of the outstanding persons, when the company added branches, give priority to lead the person in charge.

4When the general manager job vacancies, based on individual business management capabilities and comprehensive management capabilities, the priority was promoted to general manager.

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