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Job Title Trade Commissioner     
Workplace nanshan
Wages negotiation
Number 3
Validity 180days
Date 2010/6/25

Position Describe

1Fully understand the product performance, products may anticipate problems and to propose appropriate solutions, as well as in subsequent trade negotiations, accurate answer the various issues raised by customers. Pro-active to keep in touch with customers to facilitate customer orders as soon as possible; and timely arrangements for proofing, according to customer requirements, writing detailed single-proofing.

2Familiar with the trade process, capable of independent operations orders, and increasingly form a broad and relatively stable procurement of objects and client resources.

3Strictly kept to the "nuclear price lists," accurately reported sales price of a foreign currency.

4The customer's packaging requirements complete, comprehensive, clear and timely calculation of staff told the package to ensure that packaged goods in place in time.

5keep full communication with the planning department, purchasing department and suppliers, and know about the orders materials, materials procurement, production scheduling, the actual production condition and packaged goods in place of the latest situation.

6work with the sales assistant and Purchasing Department in conjunction with quality inspection staff, always check the product quality situation, prepare a detailed written inspection records.

7salesman in the inspection at the same time to take picture of orders of all item (note to cross the color, the color should fully), and save in computer files.

8Early communication with the purchasing department, pre-arranged the mass goods of shipment.

9implementation and follow-up of foreign trade settlement, to assist companies in the financial sector exchange of cash, payment of a debt balance.

Employment Required

1Specialist degree or above, international trade or business English and other related professionals. CET4 level and above, with excellent foreign language heard and writing capabilities, competent and correspondence on the business contacts and business negotiations between the customers.

2More than two years working experience in foreign trade, solid expertise in foreign trade, familiar with import and export processes; familiar with foreign trade contracts and the L / C, such as letters of credit, import duties value-added tax calculation, export profits calculation, interpretation of trade terms (FOB \ CIF, etc.)

3Have strong interpersonal and communication and coordination capabilities, a certain sense of resourcefulness and flexibility, a strong sense of responsibility and a positive working condition, Independent orders and the ability to handle things.

4skilled use of the Computer , skillful use of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.

5With good professional ethics, the most important thing is the basic quality of good faith and good personal accomplishment. Can be Bear the pressure; have good communication, coordination skills and team cooperation spirit.


Career path

1In the company's last fiscal year, the outstanding individual performance, begining the next fiscal year will increase 10% of salary.

2Performance especially prominent persons, through the company assessment, under the personal management capabilities, can be promoted to Manager of Foreign Trade.

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