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Job Title Foreign Trade Assistant     
Workplace nanshan
Wages negotiation
Number 10
Validity 180days
Date 2010/6/25

Job TitleForeign Trade Assistant

Trade assistant junior staff engaged in foreign trade business, learning foreign business knowledge to assist the work of the Commissioner of foreign trade.

Position Describe

1、Understanding of the basic business processes of foreign trade, commodities Basics.

2、Under the guidance of the  officer to dealing with the use of business applications software, import and export business documents.

3、Under the guidance of the export salesman or department manager ,Drawing-up of internal  documents, costing accounting, to goods contracts, the completion of the input data and information, customer fax, EMAIL, letter of reply.

Employment Required

1、  International trade or business English and other related professional college education. Familiar with international trade expertise; with more than assistant teachers, or export salesman qualification certificates.

2、CET4 level and above, or other languages for more than senior level, with excellent foreign language heard and writing capabilities, competent and customer correspondence between the business contacts and assist in business negotiations Trade Commissioner.

3、Able to independently use the business application software for complete of the internal documents, cost accounting, contracts and invoices to goods to complete the data entry of information, customer fax, EMAIL, letter of reply, etc.


Career path

The end of the trial period, after examination by the company, Employed as a full-time employees, upgrade to Trade Commissioner

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