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Artworldcn Site Registration Agreement:


Dear users, Hello! Welcome to ("AWC website", also known as the "Site"). This website service is provided by the Artworldcn Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AWC") on the Internet for you.

    If you want to become a registered user of this site (members), you should carefully read and fully agree that:

(1) Legal Notice of this website; and

(2) The site's privacy clause; and

(3) under this Agreement in accordance with all terms and tips on the page to complete all registration procedures.

1. define

1.1 User: refers to your login by registering for membership services area of the site sign, also known as "account."

1.2 Network Service: means the association in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations via the Internet to provide you with services.

2, user name registration and custody

2.1 You apply for registration as a member, you must provide true and accurate to the AWC personal information and personal data in the event of any change in date. Enter your registration process name and ID number will identify you as a user name of consistency with the first supporting information. You can not effectively prove the identity, AWC right to refuse to provide you with any services or assume any obligations

2.2 Your User Name should observe the following rules:

2.2.1 not to the Chinese party and state leaders and other public figures, real name, size, stage name, pen name registration; Unless the information is so real person, I

2.2.2 can not use China or other institutions in the name or abbreviation registered;

Shall not be registered 2.2.3 uncivilized, unhealthy names or contain discriminatory insults, indecent kind word name;

2.2.4 shall not be registered easily ambiguous, intentionally misleading name.

    If you register username in violation of any of the above rules, AWC reserves the right to prior notice to you to refuse your registration or delete your registered user name

2.3 Your registration is successful, that is to become a member of this website. When you register registration username and password is your membership is the only effective identification. You are responsible for your user name and password for safekeeping. You may not be your user name and password to any other person, in the form, including but not limited to, lend or transfer. You understand, AWC does not have to verify the legitimacy of each of the obligations of the user name to use, so if you find that your user name illegal use by others, it shall immediately notify the association. Since you neglect custody or hacker behavior causes the user name, password, lost, and the corresponding losses by yourself.

2.4 If you are a registered user name in any 180 consecutive days is not practical to use natural, then the association the right to delete the account and terminate to provide you with related network services.

2.5 You should place your user name for all activities and take full legal responsibility .

3, the network terms of service

3.1 Services

3.1.1 AWC has the right to determine the actual situation and adjust the content to provide network services, and the services they provide has the final say.

3.1.2 You understand, AWC only provide network services in addition to service-related products and related equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other access to the Internet or mobile devices) and the cost (such as access to the Internet and pay for telephone charges and Internet access fees paid for the use of mobile phone charges) shall be pay by you

3.1.3 AWC part of the network services provided by network service charges, you should charge for its use of network services pay a fee to the AWC. For network services fees, AWC will give you clear before you use the tips, only you are prompted to confirm and pay for costs associated with the rear right to use network services such fees. After you pay the full costs associated with AWC before the right to refuse to provide network services fees.

3.1.4 You agree that no dispute, AWC reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate some or all of the network services (including fee network service). Such as the AWC change, interruption or termination of free Internet service, AWC has no obligation to inform you that there is no obligation to you or any third party for any liable, Such as AWC change, suspend or terminate the subscription network services, AWC of all obligations is limited to the change, suspend or terminate prior notice to you before, and should you charge equivalent alternative service, if you are not required in AWC express acceptance within the period of alternative service charge, AWC all its obligations in this regard only has already AWC regarding your service fees paid, according to Nin Shiji use AWC to provide network services by charging service fees deducted after the remaining service fee refund in accordance with the information you provide to you.

3.1.5 You understand, AWC require regular or irregular basis to provide network services on the platform or related equipment repair or maintenance. As a result of circumstances caused by the network service classes within a reasonable time of the interruption, AWC do not assume any responsibility for this. AWC will be under the conditions allow, as far as possible in an appropriate manner prior notice, but such notification is not the AWC must fulfill obligations.

3.1.6 You have the right in accordance with the procedures and the provisions of this website require the use of the services provided by AWC. If you provide a service AWC have objections, they can contact the website with the web site of the association in order to be timely resolved.

3.2  Terms of use

3.2.1 You use the AWC in the process of network services, must follow the following rules:

(1) comply with relevant laws prevailing in the world, regulations and regulatory documents;

(2) comply with all the network and network services agreements, regulations and procedures;

(3) not for any illegal purpose and use of network services system;

(4) shall not use any AWC network service system may be the Internet or mobile networks adversely affect the normal operation of any act;

(5) shall not be used to provide network services AWC upload, display or transmit any unlawful, false and contrary to social ethics of information;

(6) shall not engage in any violation of any third party's patent, copyright, trademark, defamation or any other legitimate rights and interests;

(7) shall not use any AWC network service system is not conducive to Lenovo or harm the network security;

(8) not to use the network service system AWC acts of commercial advertising;

(9) Any illegal use of user name or user name in security loopholes, shall immediately notify the AWC.

3.2.2 You agree that no dispute, to provide network services for the AWC, AWC right at any time through various means (including but not limited to web bulletins, e-mail, SMS alerts, etc.) to make any relevant statements, notices, warning. These statements, notices, warning of the content as a part of this agreement, if you make such statements in the association, notice, after warning the use of such network services, as you fully agree with the statement, notice, warning of the content

3.2.3 in the following circumstances, AWC reserves the right to suspend or terminate this Agreement provided to you under the network services (including network service charges) and you or any third party without any liability:

(1) personal information you provide false; or

(2) your violation of the provisions of this Agreement usage rules. Under these circumstances, AWC has the right to require you to correct or make changes to / Remove all or part of your published information.

3.2.4 In view of the unpredictability network, you understand and expressly agrees that use of AWC to provide network services the risks and all consequences arising therefrom are solely at your own, whether AWC is inform you in advance for such risk , AWC no longer required to bear any responsibility to you.

3.2.5 AWC is not on the need to do to your warranty or guarantee of any kind:

(1) network services must be able to meet your requirements;

(2) the continued smooth flow of network services, without interruption;

(3) the timeliness of network services, security and accuracy.

4, Intellectual Property

4.1 AWC to provide network services may include text, pictures, graphic, graphics, software, audio and / or video information, etc. are subject to copyright, trademarks and / or other property ownership laws.

4.2 You agree only to obtain the relevant rights holders, the order in accordance with the authorization of the rights related to the scope of use of such information. Otherwise, you may not copy, publish, transmit, modify, re-creation of such information, nor shall such information for any other commercial purpose.

4.3 You warrant that your content through this websites entitled to intellectual property or related rights on the relevant Ren The acts of the authority, and such a guarantee commitment Quanbu legal Zeren matters. Hold harmless and indemnify the content published through this site infringe rights of third parties arising from claims of third parties AWC, negotiations, litigation, you should AWC defense, or in cooperation with the request of defense AWC, AWC's interests are safeguarded to ensure that you should bear all the resulting damages, fines, legal fees and damages, etc.

5, liquidated damages

You are obliged to protect and safeguard the interests of AWC and other users. As a result of your breach of the relevant laws, regulations, normative documents under the provisions of this Agreement or any terms to the association or any other third party losses, you agree to assume all liability for damage caused.

6, force majeure

6.1 "Force majeure" refers to the parties to this Agreement can not be foreseen, can not avoid the objective situation and can not overcome their circumstances, including: fires, earthquakes, floods, war, strike, network congestion or paralysis, viruses, hacker attacks.

6.2 a force majeure event party may suspend the performance of interim obligations under this Agreement until the removal of the effects of force majeure events up and eliminates the need bear the liability for this purpose; maximum efforts should Kefu the incident and mitigate the negative impact

7, General Terms

7.1 protocol changes

7.1.1 you agree, AWC reserves the right to modify any provision of this Agreement. You should visit this page often to see the current terms.

AWC 7.1.2 If you disagree with the relevant provisions of this Agreement the changes made, should immediately stop using the AWC to provide network services. If you AWC right to make changes to the relevant provisions of this Agreement, continue to use after the AWC to provide network services, as you fully accept the AWC on the relevant provisions of this Agreement, all changes made.

7.2 Correspondence

7.2.1 You agree that this agreement and the AWC under this Agreement to provide you with notice, the disclosure of Deng Jun electronic means. AWC under this Agreement through the website notice, e-mail, SMS or regular mail delivery, etc. to your AWC sent a notice from the date of deemed delivery.

7.2.2 You should notice the AWC officially announced by Lenovo's external communication addresses, fax number, e-mail address and other contact information in writing delivered to the AWC.

8, other provisions

8.1 The title of the agreement are for convenience only, the interpretation of this agreement should be ignored.

8.2 The Agreement constitutes the parties agreed on the matter of this Agreement and other related matters of complete agreement, in addition to the provisions of this Agreement, in addition, no other rights given to the parties to this Agreement.

8.3 If any provision of this Agreement for any reason, whether wholly or partially invalid or does not have executive power, the remaining provisions of this Agreement and the terms of the other parts should still be valid and binding.


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