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【Product Name】:Laser welding head
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Laser beam delivery system is the important parts of the laser equipment, it is the delivery work from laser to working materials, including full reflect mirror, focus lenses or combination focus lenses, supplementary gas system and cooling system, sometimes monitoring system too. Main delivery system have laser welding head and laser cutting head, the delivery system character:

·           Sealed for industrial requirements

·           Stable and accurate

·           Easy mounting

These type laser beam delivery devices designed to meet industrial environment constrain providing safety and sealing against contamination for free space laser beam path. Static and adjustable laser beam manipulation options available. Optical mirror replacement can be accomplished without affecting alignment.

All the beam delivery devices come with Z-axis adjustable, gas inlet and nozzle. Custom-made devices available upon request.  For high power laser, water cooling is provided.


The delivery system main have CO2 laser10.6um and Nd:YAG1064nmFor middle-small type of laser welding and cutting, the system is nature air-coolfor high power laser will use water-cool system. All system will have manual adjust of height settle, suitable for different working of materials. after clients replace new optic mirror and focus lenses not need beam-focusing again.(optical alignment)simple maintain


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