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【Product Name】:dual focusing lenses
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Dual-Focus lenses are a revolutionary new type of lens for CO2 laser cutting, that can be supplied as a direct replacement for your conventional lens. Dual-Focus lenses also allow much thicker materials to be cut at a given laser power. Additional advantages come from the fact that assist gas requirements are significantly reduced.



·           50-100% faster cutting of existing materials

·           Thicker materials may be cut

·           Polished finishes can be achieved

·           Elimination of sub-surface dross

·           Cost Savings on assist gas

·           Immediate cut initiation with no top surface dross

·           Reduced sensitivity to errors in setting the focus

·           Direct replacement of existing lenses

How Do Dual-Focus Lenses Work?


By distributing a calculated fraction of the laser energy into a secondary (lower) focus, the lenses provide faster, cleaner cuts, with easier initiation and the elimination of sub-surface dross. 


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The laser beam is intercepted an focused by a lens having a central circular region with a focal length which is longer than the basic lens focal length. The secondary focal area is used to produce the concentration of laser energy further into the material, while the energy intercepted by the outer part of the lens produces the ‘upper’ focus. This result is high energy density and increased localised temperature at both the upper and the lower foci.

The main ranges of Dual-Focus lenses are:

DF-10.6-D28-T4.2 Series (1.1"dia 4.2mm ET lenses, 127 & 190mm FLs)

DF-10.6-D38-T6.2 Series (1.5"dia 6.2mm ET lenses, 127, 190 & 254mm FLs)

DF-10.6-D38-T7.4 Series (1.5"dia 7.4mm ET lenses, 127, 190 & 254mm FLs)

DF-10.6-D38-T9 (1.5"dia 9.0mm ET lenses, 127, 190 & 254mm FLs)

DF-10.6-D50.8-T9.6 Series (2.0"dia 9.6mm ET lenses, 127 & 190mm FLs)


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