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【Product Name】:Laser Beam Combiners
【Categories】:Laser Accessories
【Item NO】:ARTP005
【Keywords】:laser beam combiners
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Beam Combiners are ideal for applications where diode lasers are being used for system alignment. Designed for used at 45 degree, they transmit the long wavelength beam and align it with the 90 degree reflected diode beam.

Beam Combiner for CO2 Laser (wavelength 10.6um) to ombine with 650nm and 532nm .




α is angle of incidence

n is index of refraction

t is thickness

d is displacement of the material说明:


For example: BCZ-1-3, d=1mm; BCBK-1-3, d=0.8mm


1. Beam Combiner for CO2 Laser (wavelength 10.6um)


Average transmission > 99%@10.6um, Average reflection > 85%@650nm (or 633nm)


Diameter Tolerance:+0/-0.13mm



Side2:T>99%@10.6um R>85%@650nm or 633nm 45AOI

Flatness:λ/20 @10.6um



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