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¡¾Product Name¡¿£ºindustrial chiller
¡¾Categories¡¿£ºLaser Accessories
¡¾Item NO¡¿£ºARTL04
¡¾Specifications¡¿£º50 to 100
¡¾Keywords¡¿£ºlaser machine chiller
¡¾Document download¡¿£ºClick to download
Technical parameters£º

1¡¢Power supply£º        220 VAC¡¢50/60 HZ

2¡¢Power consumption£º  140 VA max

3¡¢Cooling water tank capacity£º   9 L

4¡¢Cooling£º radiator that forces the wind cool

5¡¢Amount of cooling£º    65 W/¡æ

6¡¢Way of circulation£º    forces circulation

7¡¢Maximum water current capacity£º 10 L/min

8¡¢Maximum water pumping lift£º        10m

9¡¢Diameter of input and output hole£º10 mm

10¡¢External dimensions£º 470x262x373 mm

11¡¢Weight£º               approx.10 Kg
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