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¡¾Product Name¡¿£ºdual head laser cutting machine
¡¾Categories¡¿£ºCo2 laser cutting machine
¡¾Item NO¡¿£ºT dual series
¡¾Specifications¡¿£º1200mm above
¡¾Keywords¡¿£ºdual head laser cutting machine
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T1280,T1680,T1810 machine can make dual head is the new models, machines equipped with at least two first laser, moving away from random, unit equipped with two sets of laser tube, two laser power, is equipped with linear guideway imports, imports and stepper motor drives, stainless Zhifeng Waterloo floor, the world's leading software the self-developed control software, the first dual laser power adjustment, respectively, to resolve in the past can not transfer the power, the machine is widely used in clothing affixed cloth embroidered leather industries.
Specific features
       Specific features 1 special, mechanical structure, laser location of the first free-conditioning, but also the first single, convenient operation 2, the latest Xu Yang operating software, which can control two of the first laser power, will enable two laser cutting head is fully consistent results 3, high power lasers, and a double-wide imports of optical reflector system, the largest reduction of optical loss, ensuring consistent cutting depth 4, mainframe equipped with 128MB of Samsung memory, processing can be saved over documents

laser type:                             hermetic and detached co2 laser tube
laser power:                          80w
engraving area
engraving speed:                    0-1500mm/s
cutting spees:                        0-800mm/s
repeating locating:                 ¡À0.05mm
moving system:                     CNCcontrolling units
cooling mode:                        water-cooling and protection system
working voltage:                    220¡À10%   50HZ
whole power:                        1250w
operating temperature:          0¡æ-45¡æ
prerating humidity:               5%-95%
controlling software:             original  software
graphic format supported:    BMP/ PLT/ AI/ DXF/ DST
operate controlle:RLasercut  ,support U disk
gross weight:                          200kg

Applied Materials
     Wood .paper .leather .choth .organic glass .resin .acrylic .wollens .plastic .rubber .ceramic tile .Crystal  bowlder  bamoo bnd other non-metal material.
Apply industry

     This type of machine applicable to trademark woven mark, the wearing leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, template cutting, paper products industry

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