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【Product Name】:movable table laser cutting machine
【Categories】:Co2 laser cutting machine
【Item NO】:M-series
【Specifications】:1000mm above
【Keywords】:movabe table laser cutting machine
【Document download】:Click to download

movable table

working table choose:1200x800mm and 1600x800mm


1. Two working places can alternate right-and-left and enable the cutting while feeding.

2. 100% production increase, 10% material consumption decrease and no abrasion on the baseboard.

3. Continuous circle cutting and the max circle cutting speed: 36/min.

4. Laser power and speed can be matched automatically to ensure the best effect

more new function:

1.   Z axis(adjust focusing distance by controlling panel)

2.   Usage of water chiller with compressor.

3.   80-135W laser power

4.   Easy-to-take-out focusing lens fixing design

5.   Safty switch: only cutting with cover down

technical :

Working Mode: cutting and engraving

Processing Area: 1200×800mm  and 1600x800mm can be choose

Moving platform: 2160mm (length from left to right)

Max. cutting speed: 36000mm/min

Max. engraving speed: 64000mm/min

Laser Power: 135W

Resolution Power: 0.0064mm

Minimum shaping character: Chinese Character: 2×2mm, letter: 1×1mm

Location precision: <0.01/mm

Graphic format supported: BMP,PLT,AI,PCX,DXF,DST,GIF and so on.  


Garments, shoes, bags and luggage, computerized embroidery and clipping, template cutting, toys, furniture, advertisement decoration, handicraft, packaging, printing and so on.

 rotary device inside of the machine.


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