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Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Parameter:

1) Processing Area: 1600x1000mm

2) Max. cutting speed: 24000mm/min

3) Max. engraving speed: 40000mm/min

4) Laser Power: 60W/ 80W/ 100W/ 135W (Single-head and double-head available)

5) Resolution Ratio: 4000dpi

6) Min. Shaping Character: Chinese Character: 2x2mm, letter: 1x1mm

7) Location precision <0.05mm

8) Power supply: AC 220V¡À10%, 50Hz

9) Gross Power <1250W



1) The auto-feeding system/ rotating work table ensures that the machine can cut software materials such as fabric, PU, leather and paper in rolls automatically.

2) Accessories included: water chiller, air pump, exhaust blower, training DVD and User Manual.

3) Being integrated with more concise frame, this machine is more economical but still have the same excellent cutting and engraving effects.

 4)  three unique protection functions, i.e. anti-interference function, water-protective function and power cut-off function ensure longer working life, stability.

 5) Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base makes the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.

 6) This machine uses USB port and USB flash disk to transmit data, equipped with large-capacity internal memory(64MB), improving working speed and efficiency greatly.

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