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ART1390 model:

 Technical Parameter:
1) Application: cutting and engraving
2) Laser Type: CO2
3) Laser Power: 80W/ 100W/ 135W
4) Processing Area: 1300x900mm
5) Max. cutting speed: 24000mm/min
5) Max. engraving speed: 40000mm/min
6) Max. Cutting thickness(Acrylic): ¡Ü25mm
7) Resolution Ratio: 0.0064mm
8) Min. Shaping Character: Chinese Character: 2x2mm, letter: 1x1mm
9) Location precision: <0.01mm
10) Supported formats: .PLT, .BMP, .DXF, .AI, .DST, .DWG, .LAS.
11) Power supply: AC110-220V¡À10%, 50Hz/ 60Hz
12) Gross Power: <1250W
13) Packing: Seaworthy wooden case
14) Packing dimension: 2040¡Á1690¡Á1370mm
15) N.W.:380KGS

Cutting ability(135W):
20-25mm thick acrylic
12mm thick MDF
15mm thick plywood

1)  machine software can start to work from the point where it stops in case of a sudden loss of power, to prevent the waste of a whole piece of expensive materials especially acrylic.

 2) The linear guideensures the precise processing effect, which can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic, wood and PVC and so on for the advertisement, handicraft industries etc.

3) Adopting the strip shape platform, which can bear heavier materials such as organic glass, wood and so on.

 4) Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula and stronger cutting force, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing cost.

 5) USB cable to transfer data and offline DSP control system are both available.

 Applications SU

N Suitable materials:
Cloth, leather, wool, rubber, plastic, plexiglass, tiles, Crystal, jade, bamboo products, wood products

This type of machine is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, template, cutting, crafts, advertising and decorating, building filled, packaging, printing, paper products industries for cutting and carving effect high-precision requirements of professional users.

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