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【Product Name】:1080 Laser cutting machine
【Categories】:Co2 laser cutting machine
【Item NO】:ART1080
【Keywords】:laser cutting machine
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this laser cutting machine of 1080 which was Adopt international advanced DSP Digital control technology, with efficient and stable switching power supply, integrated design of frame structure, stable and reliable. And AutoCAD, CorelDraw and so on each kind of graphics processing software offers, direct image output. Full-run offline, you only need to use U spare processing data copied to the controller for processing. Processing parameters (speed, power, etc.) you can adjust the data transfer instantaneously, carving without consuming computer resources, greatly improving user productivity. LCD display, friendly man-machine interface, and easy to operate.
DSP Digital control, large data graphics processing speed. 15M more data can be processed instantly, cutting path optimization, provides users with various route optimization. Cutting can increase into the export line, ensure the smooth cutting seams.

Trilink reflex system, balanced linear Guide system that allows light to pass a smooth operation, high precision cutting, carving knife clean and maintain.
Adopt microcomputer control of the engraving machine, machining of large-format, fast, simple, and easy process.


Cutting / Engraving area :1000×800mm
Cutting / Engraving speed :0-1500mm/s
Laser power :60-80w
Resolution :0.025mm
Min. text : Kanji 2mm Letter 1mm
Repeated positioning accuracy :±0.01mm
Power supply :AC200V±10%,50HZ
General features :<1250w
Working temperature :0-45Operating humidity :5%-95%( No condensing )
Support graphic formats : AI BMP PLT DXF DST ( Tajima embroidery software )

Weight: 200-218KG

Unique configuration

A. American subdivision of stepper motor and drive system

B. LASER Software operating system

C. Adopt six balanced straight navigation

D. Dual transfer mode: industrial serial, USB Mouth

E. In the English and the humanization of liquid crystal display and keypad Control Panel

F. Homemade (60W/80W) Laser

G. Optical system adopts imported laser mirrors

H. High strength stainless steel honeycomb plate

I. Integrated structure of the chassis.

J. Support U Disc downloads data

Adopt imported aviation aluminum frame structure using integration design, performance and more stability.

Imports of large-diameter Silicon gilt mirrors and ZnSe Focusing lenses, optical attenuation in smaller, more focused.

Areas of application

Suitable materials:
Cloth, leather, wool, rubber, plastic, plexiglass, tiles, Crystal, jade, bamboo products, wood products

This type of machine is suitable for clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, template, cutting, crafts, advertising and decorating, building filled, packaging, printing, paper products industries for cutting and carving effect high-precision requirements of professional users.

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