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【Product Name】:960 laser cutting machine
【Categories】:Co2 laser cutting machine
【Item NO】:ART960
【Keywords】:laser cutting machine
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the 960 laser cutting machine 's Stepping motor drive units are imported from Germany and the United States, as well as X, Y Axis three imported linear Guide, four blocks of the laser has import laser lens. You can make the machine speed and accuracy into full play. Owing to optical systems engineering design, you can improve the flight path of adjustment accuracy and improve efficiency in the use of a laser beam. This professional cutting and carving machine is an ideal choice for users.


Cutting / Engraving area :900×600mm
Cutting / Engraving speed :0-1500mm/s
Laser power :60-80w
Resolution :0.025mm
Min. text : Kanji 2mm Letter 1mm
Repeated positioning accuracy :±0.01mm
Power supply :AC200V±10%,50HZ
General features :<1250w
Working temperature :0-45Operating humidity :5%-95%( No condensing )
Support graphic formats : AI BMP PLT DXF DST ( Tajima embroidery software )

Weight: 180-209KG

Function characteristics

Adopting digital control of laser power supply, CO2 Lasers, with independent intellectual property rights of laser cutting software, structured using integrated frame structure, stable performance, and adaptation to the needs of different industries processing. Full support for AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST (Tajima embroidery software) image data format such as graphics.

Laser cutter and work piece contact-free and does not scratch the surface, a narrow slit, cut, polished, high speed cutting, laser processing strength intact, and ensure a consistent processing depth.

For very high precision cutting, carving, hand and machine are unable to transcend the work efficiency is high, beam quality, and energy, both continuous output and pulse output.

Latest software provides AutoCAD, CorelDraw CAD CAM And various graphics processing software offers, direct image output function, and close the user site design requirements. Advanced color management to support arbitrary colors, random order, you can define sculpture easily implement all or single output.

Machine configuration

A. ·American subdivision of stepper motor and drive system
B. Control system
C. Use three imported linear Guide
D. Dual transfer mode: industrial serial, USB Interface
E. LCD display, press the control panel of humanity
F. Homemade 60W Laser, water cooling system
G. Optical system adopts imported laser mirrors
H. Removable bottom
I. Chassis integration structure design, high stability

Application Areas

Applicable industries:
Printing rubber sheet sculpture, bamboo and wood crafts sculpture, glass, acrylic cutting, carving a trademark cutting, and pasted cloth embroidered cutting, toy making, bag gloves, electronic die-cutting, hot drilling template, etc.

Applicable materials:
Rubber, plastic, plexiglass, cloth, leather, wool, tiles, Crystal, stone, wood products, bamboo products.

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