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【Product Name】:RF laser marking machine
【Categories】:laser marking machine
【Item NO】:ARTL04
【Keywords】:laser marking machine
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RF laser marking machine is the new generation laser ,the machine adopt industrial standardization module design,Rfseries adopt full set of imported metal sealed radiationfrequencey co2laser ,high speed scaning vibrating lens and extending focussing system,patentsunylaser marking software ,high stability.anti intervention industrial computer system,high precise vertical up and down working table .themaching can work on a continuous 24 working hous in high stability,high precision,high speed,the patent software base on win opreational software,its friendly interface is easy to operate and work stable with good effect,the software have been well regarded by our customers in domestic and abroad market.
Detailed configuration
  Industrial control computer adapt the bad environment of processing scene
  High speed scanning vibrating mirror importde from U.S.A
  Radio frepuency co2laer instrument imported from U.S.A
  F-Olens and expanding bunch system imported from U.S.A
Specific features
  Original radio frequency laser.imported from america,enjoys a life more than 20k hours
  Precise and fast performance produces clear ,firm and permanent labels
type                                            30                   50                 100
laser type                                   Hermetic and detached co2 laser tube
Response time                            0.8mS
Laser wavelength                       10.64um
Laser power                                0~30w                       0~50w                     0~100w
Labelings cope                            150mmX150mm       200mmX200mm     300mmX300mm(option)
Labeling speed:                            7000m/s
Minimun line width                    0.05/0.1mm              0.1/0.15/mm             0.1/0.15/0.3mm
Repeating orientation precision   ±0.003mm
Averaqe power consumption:    ≤30kw                    ≤50kw                       ≤100kw
Cooling stule                                Air Cooling                Air Cooling              Water Cooling
Size                                               800*450*500mm   1200*600*1250mm     1700*1000*1250 GM 100KG
Applied Materials

     Materials:applicable to the majority of nonmetal materials such as leather,cloth,bamboo,paper ,organic materials,PMMAsheet,plastic,epoxy resin etc

   Electronic components,medicines,food,drinking package,leather products,rag trade,woodworks,craftworks,package and glasses

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