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【Product Name】:DP laser marking machine
【Categories】:laser marking machine
【Item NO】:ARTL007
【Keywords】:DP laser marking machine
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DP-50 diode-pumped laser marking machine is a very good tools for people who is looking for high quality branding machines for their brand or marks. it adopt USA diode-pumped laser to ensure its fine marking effect, the user-friendly software let customer make his desired artworks as his wish. The machine is very good for metal surface engraving and is widely used on electronics, watch,hardware, IT products,medical tools,glasses, metal artwork etc industries.

Laser power: 50W

·Laser pulse frequency:<60KHZ
·Length of laser wave:1064nm
·Marking area:50X50/100X100mm
·Min line width:50um
·Min letter:0.2mm

·Marking speed:300 letters/second in 1mm height
·Marking depth:≤0.3mm
·Repeat precision:±0.01mm
·Laser pointer: LD red point <5mW
·Power supply:220V,50HZ/15A
·Gross power:<205KW
·Operating temperature:10-35 degree
·Cooling style: high accuracy constant water cooling system

windows2000/win xp supported, english interface with user-friendly operation,multiple languages supported

up to 256 color layer supported

barcode supported


Support popular graphic software Coreldraw. Autocad

Applicable Industries:
Diode-pump laser is widely used in metal marking field and some plastic material marking such as electronic parts, jewerly,watch, medical tools, glasses, metal artwork, mobile phone parts, IT products

Applicable Materials:
stainless steel, steel, gold, silver, bronze,aluminum,etc metal materials,some plastics

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