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【Product Name】:Cuprite
【Categories】:Copper Ore
【Item NO】:Cu2O
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Cuprite is a red oxide copper mineral, it is relatively soft but heavy. Generally it is a copper sulfide formed by weathering, so called secondary minerals formed minerals. Red copper content as high as 88.8% copper, is an important copper ore mineral. However, the distribution of its very few, on the use of terms can only be regarded as secondary copper ore.


Chemical composition:

Chemical composition of the cuprous oxide (Cu2O) minerals. Although the copper content as high as 88.82 percent, but less distribution, only as a secondary use of copper ore.


Physical properties:

Mohs hardness of 3.5 to 4.0, the proportion of 6.14. Sometimes as precious stones, but brittle


Optical properties:

Bright red copper crystal-like is beautiful, bright red color of the issued a similar diamond-like luster. However, if they are exposed in the air a little longer, it will dim becomes dark red. Some red copper is granulated or earthy, like a not so nice. Some red copper in the formation of crystals to become loose hair mixed state, which is called hair red copper, red copper hair copper is rare variants.


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