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【Product Name】:Nature silver
【Categories】:Silver ore
【Item NO】:
【Specifications】:Au, Cu, Hg
【Keywords】:Nature silver
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Mineral characteristic:

The nature silver is the silver element mineral which produces naturally. Its carry gold, mercury and so on. Cubic system.  Anomalous granular, massive or dendritic aggregate. The fresh fracture is the silver-white color, the surface turns dark gray because of oxidizes. Metallic luster, mohs' scale 2.5, ductility. Electricity and hot conductor. Proportion 10.1 grams/cubic centimeter ~11.1 gram/cubic centimeters.

Chemical composition:

In the ingredient contains Au, Cu, Hg and so on

Physical properties:

Category: Natural element - metallic element - native copper race

Crystal system and space grouping: Cubic system, Fm3m;

Lattice parameter: a0=0.4077nm;

Shape: The unit crystal assumes the Shape: The unit crystal assumes as cube and  octahedron or both's combinate form, but extremely rare. Aggregate treeing, anomalous thin laminated shape, granular and massive;

Color: The fresh fracture assumes silver-white color, but the surface often assumes dark gray rust color;

Streak: Silver-white color

Transparency: non- transparent

Gloss: Metallic luster

Identification Characteristics

    (1) fresh surface of silver

(2) silver white stripes

(3), good ductility

(4) than significant

(5) dissolved in nitric acid

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