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【Product Name】:Argentite
【Categories】:Silver ore
【Item NO】:Ag2S
【Specifications】:Ag silver 87.06%, S sulfur 12.94%; mixed w
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Mineral characteristic:

It has the ductility. Uses in refining the silver and the argentic compound.

Chemical composition:

Ag2S, Ag silver 87.06%, S sulfur 12.94%; mixed with few Pb, Fe, Cu

Physical properties:

Degree of hardness: 2-2.5

Proportion: 7.2-7.4g/cm3

Cleavage: Cleaves parallel (100) and (110) incomplete

Fracture: Conchoidal fracture

Color: Lead grey

Streak: Gray

Transparency: non-transparent

Optical properties:

The reflection color is grayish white, index of reflection R: 30.43 (green light), 27.20 (orange light), 24.48 (red light). Weak anisotropism

Identification Characteristics

Identification Characteristics: lead gray, heavy, weak scalability. Often associated with natural silver silver mineral paragenesis; available from its color, hardness, specific gravity, flexible and easy to melt characteristics, the identified

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