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【Product Name】:Hessite
【Categories】:Silver ore
【Item NO】:Ag2Te
【Specifications】:Ag 62.86%,Te 37.14%
【Document download】:Click to download

Mineral characteristics:

The monoclinic system or the cubic system (form in 155 or above). The crystal is the short circle columnar, gr  anular or the massive aggregate. Lead ashes to steel grey. Metallic luster. The fracture is uneven. Degree of hardness 2~3. Density 8.24~8.45 gram/centimeter ^3, the density increases is because of containing the native gold inclusion result

Common in low temperature hydrothermal deposit. It could smelt tellurium and silver.

Chemical composition:

Ingredient Ag2Te, including Ag 62.86%, Te 37.14%, often includes the native gold inclusion

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