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【Product Name】:Ilmenite
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:FeTiO3
【Specifications】:FeO 47.36, TiO 52.64. Fe2 and Mg2, Mn2
【Document download】:Click to download

Mineral characteristics:

The ilmenite is the iron ore and the titanium ore’s oxide compound mineral, it is the essential mineral to refine the titanium. The ilmenite is very heavy, it is ash arrives to black, it has a metallic luster. The crystal is generally plate-type, the crystal gathers as massive or granular.

Identification Characteristics: It is crystal shape, streak, weakly magnetic with differences of hematite or magnetite

Chemical composition:

FeTiO3 including TiO2 52.66%, it is the essential mineral to withdraw titanium and titanium dioxide.

The theory composes (wB%):FeO 47.36, TiO 52.64. Fe2 and Mg2, Mn2

Chemical composition of ilmenite and formation conditions. Produced in ultra-basic rocks, basic rocks of the ilmenite, MgO content is high, the basic non-Nb, Ta; alkaline rocks of the ilmenite, MnO content is high, and containing Nb, Ta; produced in acid rocks of the ilmenite, FeO, MnO contents were high, Nb, Ta content is also relatively high

Physical properties:

It is hard black or steel grey; The streak is steel grey or black. It is metal to semimetallic luster. Non-transparent. Does not have the cleavage. Degree of hardness 5~ 5.5. The nature is crisp. Relative density 4.0~5.0. It has weak magnetism.

Optic properties:

Under polariscope: Scarlet red, it is not transparent or subtranslucent. Monoaxial crystal (-). It has the very high refractive index (N=2.7) and the birefringence.


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