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【Product Name】:Siderite
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:FeCO3
【Specifications】:FeO 62.01%, CO2 37.99%
【Document download】:Click to download

Mineral characteristics:

The siderite is a kind of distribution quite widespread mineral, its ingredient is ferrous carbonate, when there is not much siderite impurity it could smelt iron as iron ore.

Chemical composition:

FeCO3, FeO 62.01%, CO2 37.99%, often contain Mg and Mn. It is the iron ore’s carbonate minerals, the ingredient is Fe[CO3].

Physical properties:

The siderite is generally grayish white or yellow white, after the decency it is brown or  brown black. The mohs' scale 4, the proportion 3.7~4.0,

Structure and Form

    Rhombohedral crystals were rhombohedral, often curved crystal face; collection of grainy, massive, or nodular. Crystal ball was the ball, said granular siderite; Aphanitic gelatinous glue that siderite


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