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【Product Name】:Ferrous disulfide
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:FeS2
【Specifications】:46.67% iron and 53.33% sulfur.
【Keywords】:ferrous disulfide
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The ferrous disulfide ore is the iron ore’s bisulphide. In the pure ferrous disulfide ore includes 46.67% iron and 53.33% sulfur.

Mineral characteristics:

Generally pyrite sulfur and sulfuric acid as the raw material production

  Chemical composition of pyrite FeS2, is the extraction of sulfur, the main mineral raw material manufacturing of sulfuric acid.

Pyrite with gold or yellow copper, looks like gold, is also known as "fools gold’’

Chemical composition:

Chemical formula: FeS2

Structure: constitute by the ferrous ion and Sˉ—Sˉ

Molecular weight: 119.97

Responded: 4FeS2+11O2=8SO2+2FeCO3

Responded: 4FeS2+11O2=8SO2+2FeCO3

Physical properties:

Density: 4.9-5.2g/cm3   

Touches the degree of hardness: 6-6.5   

Melting point: 1171

Identification mark: It fusibles in the gas jet , it has sulphur dioxide smell, when rubs with the iron hardware it makes spark.

Structure and Form

Properties: yellow cubic crystals.

Melting point: 1171

Density: 5.0g/cm3


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