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【Product Name】:Magnetite
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:Fe3O4
【Specifications】:FeO 31.03, Fe2O3 68.96.
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The magnetite chemical composition is Fe3O4, the crystal is cubic system's oxide compound mineral, the crystal is the octahedron and the diamond dodecahedron, the aggregate is granular or massive.

Chemical composition:

Theory composes (wB%):FeO 31.03, Fe2O3 68.96. And the Fe3 isomorph replaces has Al3, Ti4, Cr3, V3 and so on; Substitutes Fe2 as Mg2, Mn2, Zn2, Ni2, Co2, Cu2, Ge2 and so on.

Physical properties:

Black. Streak black. Semimetal to metallic luster. Non-transparent. It does not have the cleavage, The nature is crisp. Degree of hardness 5.5~6. Relative density 4.9~5.2. Has ferromagnetism, the Curie temperature (Tc) 578.

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