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【Product Name】:Magnetism hematite
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:3Fe2 + → 2Fe3 +),
【Keywords】:magnetism hematite
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Magnetism hematite is a kind of oxide compound mineral, it has a very strong magnetic force. It may turns lepidocrokite or magnetite to synthesized magnetism hematite.

Magnetism hematite is the material for magnetic sound recording.

Magnetic hematite mainly magnetite in the oxidation conditions, formed by secondary changes. Magnetite in the Fe2 + Fe3 + completely replaced (3Fe2 + 2Fe3 +), so there 1/3Fe2 + octahedral sites occupied by a vacancy arising. In addition, magnetic hematite formed by dehydration lepidocrocite also by the role of iron oxide formed by the organic

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