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【Product Name】:Hematite
【Categories】:Iron ore
【Item NO】:α-Fe 2O3
【Specifications】:Fe 69.94%, O 30.06%
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Mineral characteristics:

The hematite chemical composition is α-Fe 2O3, the crystal is the trigonal system oxide compound mineral. Thehematite, is the ferric oxide essential mineral form, the iron mainly smelts by the hematite.

Identification Characteristics: cherry red or reddish brown streaks to its characteristics. With various forms and non-magnetic, with a similar magnetite, ilmenite phase difference

Industrial applications: one of the important iron ore minerals. Ti, Ga, Co and other elements may reach a certain amount of utilization. Iron oxide pigments can be used for mineral

Medicinal hematite were ocher, alias Ruddle, Daizhe, iron Zhu, nail head ocher, red stone, red ocher. Effect: calming liver yang; city Jiangni; cooling blood to stop bleeding.

Chemical composition:

Fe 69.94%, O 30.06%, it often contain with  Ti, Al, Mn, Fe2+, Ca, Mg and few Ga and Co

Physical properties:

It is steel grey to hard black, it often brings the blue rust color; Aphanitic or powdery assumes are dark red to bright red. The streak is cherry red or reddish brown. Its gloss is metallic luster to semimetallic luster, the gloss is sometimes gloomy. It does not have the cleavage. Hardness 5~6. Relative density 5.0~5.3.

Under polariscope: Blood red, orange yellow, yellow. Monoaxial crystal (-), No=2.988, Ne=2.759.

Structure and Form

    Trigonal system, arh = 0.5421nm, α = 55. 17 '; Z = 2. ah = 0.5039 nm, ch = 1.3760nm; Z = 6. Corundum-type structure. There are alternative components Ti, the cell volume will increase; and Al alternative is to make the cell volume decrease

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