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¡¾Product Name¡¿£ºViolarite
¡¾Categories¡¿£ºNickel Ore
¡¾Item NO¡¿£ºFe(2+)Ni(3+)2S4
¡¾Specifications¡¿£º Ni 38.94%
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Mineral characteristics:

It also called the purple pentalandite

Chemical composition:

Ingredient Fe(2+)Ni(3+)2S4, including Ni 38.94%

Physical properties:

It is purple gray, on the fresh cross section assumes the metallic luster. Degree of hardness 4.5~5.5. Density 4.5~4.8 gram/centimeter ^3

Structure and form:

Equiaxed crystal. Crystals were octahedral. Chang Cheng fine granular aggregates, found in nickel ore.


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