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【Product Name】:Maucherite
【Categories】:Nickel Ore
【Item NO】:Ni11As8,
【Specifications】:Ni nickel 20.71, As arsenic 79.29
【Document download】:Click to download

Mineral characteristics:

The chloanthite is a kind of nickel arsenide, it belongs to the sulfide mineral. The chloanthite often lives with the niccolite in same place, because the niccolite is turned by it. Chloanthite crystal for plate-type, and the light red gray will fade the copper to be red.


Ni11As8, Ni nickel 20.71, As arsenic 79.29; It is equal to this ingredient mineral, some people call it the nickel skutterudite

Physical properties:

Degree of hardness: 5.5-6.0

Proportion: 6.8g/cm3   

Cleavage: Cleaves parallel (100) and (111) is incomplete   Fracture: The fracture is uneven

Color: tin to steel grey, sometimes it is light gray or iris rust  

Streak: Dark gray   

Transparency: Non-transparent   

Gloss: Metallic luster

Optic properties:

Reflection color leucorrhea rose color. Index of reflection: 60 (green light), 55.5 (orange light), 51 (thioindigo red). Unparalleled reflection. Anisotropism is very weak.


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