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【Product Name】:Pentlandite
【Categories】:Nickel Ore
【Item NO】:Fe,Ni
【Specifications】:Fe:Ni=1:1, Fe 32.55, Ni 34.22, S 33.23
【Document download】:Click to download

Mineral characteristics:

The nicopyrite is a kind of nickel and the hard sulfide mineral, in the world 90% nickel is refines from this kind of mineral. The nicopyrite is the ancient bronzes yellow, it has the metallic luster. The nicopyrite assumes the acinous generally, it always lives with pyrrhotite and brass minerals in the same place.

Chemical composition:

(Fe,Ni)(Fe,Ni)8S8, The theory composes (wB%):Fe:Ni=1:1, Fe 32.55, Ni 34.22, S 33.23. Often contains the Co isomorph substitution, sometimes it includes Se, Te.

Physical properties:

It is the ancient bronzes yellow, the tone is slightly shallow in the pyrrhotite. Green black or bright bronze brown streak. Metallic luster. Non-transparent. The cleavage is complete. Degree of hardness 3~4. Relative density 4.5~5

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