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【Product Name】:Niccolite
【Categories】:Nickel Ore
【Item NO】:NiAs
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Mineral characteristics:

Identification mark: The shallow copper is red and metallic luster. Fusible, burns it on the charcoal by the oxidizing flame to form as2O3 white button, and since birth garlic stink.


Chemical composition:

NiAs,Ni=48.9%,As=56.1%, it massed with Fe, Co , S , Sb, Bi, Cu, its occurrence is unstable


Physical properties:

The fresh surface is red, the weathered surface is the ash or the black rust color; Streak brown black, metallic luster. Cleaves parallel (101(-)0) is incomplete; The fracture is not smooth. The degree of hardness 5. relative degree of hardness 7.6~7.8. nature is crisp. Has the strong electrical conductivity.


Structure and Form:

Hexagonal. Forms usually showed a compact block, granular aggregates, and sometimes showed a kidney-shaped forms such as colloids. Hexagonal columnar or single crystal plate, but rare.


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