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【Product Name】:Nativegold
【Categories】:gold ore
【Item NO】:Au
【Specifications】:Au 2
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The native gold is the gold element mineral which produces naturally. It is from the fissure filling or the placer natural gold bar

 Produced in the primary gold deposit, known as Gold in the natural, which is mainly produced in the altered rock with quartz veins or vein, it is also known as the vein gold; produced in placer gold in the gold called. Natural formation of large nugget called "nugget" was found only in alluvial gold too.

General industrial requirements (g / t): rock gold cutoff grade Au1 ~ 2, the lowest industrial grade Au3 ~ 5, an ore Au5 ~ 8; gold, mixed sand boundary grade Au1 ~ 2, the lowest industrial grade Au0.04 ~ 0.08 , the lowest block of industrial grade Au0.14 ~ 0.20.

Physical properties:Chemical composition:The golden chemical property is stable, it has very strong corrosion resistivity. It does not oxidize generally from the normal temperature to the high temperature. The gold does not dissolve in the common acid and the alkali. But it may dissolve in certain nitration mixtures, like aqua regia. The gold may also dissolve in the alkaline metal,cyanide,acidic thiourea solution, bromine solution, ebullition ferric chloride solution, sodium, calcium, magnesium hyposulphite solution the oxygen exists and so on. The alkaline metal sulfide can corrode the gold, the production soluble gold trisulfide. In the soil humic acid and certain bacterium's metabolite can also dissolve the micro gold.

Optic properties:Generally assumes disperses granular or the anomalous dendritic aggregate, has the metallic luster, the color and the streak is luminous golden yellow, increase the gradation faint yellow along with the argentiferous quantity. Mohs' scale [1]2.5~3, ductility, proportion 15.6~19.3 optical qualities.

Under microscope: Golden yellow. Index of reflection R:47.0 (green), 82.5 (orange), 86 (red). The isotropic body, does not have the internal reflection.

Structure and Form

Equiaxed crystal

Oh5-Fm3ma0=0.4078nmZ=4 Copper structure

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