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【Product Name】:Calaverite
【Categories】:gold ore
【Item NO】:AuTe2
【Specifications】:Au gold 43.59% , Te Tellurium 56.41%
【Document download】:Click to download

Chemical composition:Dissolved in nitric acid, Produce rusty gold precipitation

 AuTe2,Au gold 43.59% , Te Tellurium 56.41%; A small amount of silver instead of gold

Physical proportie:



Cleavage: No cleavage

Fracture: Conchoidal to uneven fracture

Color: Grass yellow - silver

Wale: Yellow - green gray streaks

Transparency: Opaque

Luster: Metallic luster

Luster: Metallic luster

Luminance: no

  Reflective color cream, Very bright fresh smooth, gradual change to dark. Reflectivity56.5 (green), 54.0 (orange), 52.5 (red). Rg=65.0Rp=59Na)。Weak heterogeneity. Axis - light tan, short axis - leucorrhea bright yellow

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