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【Product Name】:Azurite
【Categories】:Copper Ore
【Item NO】:Cu3[CO3]2(OH)2
【Specifications】:CuO 69.24, CO2 25.53, H2O 5.23
【Document download】:Click to download

Azurite is composed of mineral basic carbonate of copper, found in many parts of the world in the upper  oxidized portions of copper ore deposits. Azurite mineral is usually associated in nature with malachite, the green basic carbonate of copper that is far more abundant


Chemical composition:


Theoretical composition (wB%): CuO 69.24, CO2 25.53, H2O 5.23. Composition very stable.


Physical properties

Dark blue, earthy piece takes the shape of light blue. Light blue streak. Crystals were shiny glass, earthy piece   takes the shape of earthy luster. Transparent to translucent. Cleavage, completely or medium. Conchoidal fracture. Hardness of 3.5 to 4. Brittle. The relative density of 3.7 ~ 3.9.


Optical properties

Polarized light microscopy: light blue to dark blue. B-axis crystal, Ng = 1.838, Nm = 1.758, Np = 1.730.  (+). 2V = 68


Structure and Form

    Monoclinic, 20 '; Z = 2. , a0 = 0.500nm, b0 = 0.585nm, c0 = 1.035nm; β = 92.

 C2h-2 / m (L2PC). Crystal often has a short columnar, prismatic or thick plate. Main simplex: parallel-sided a, b, c, σ, θ, v, orthorhombic column m, l, f, p, h, x. Showed a dense collection of granular, druse-like, radial, earthy or hull shape, is membranous, etc.


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