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【Product Name】:Chalcocite
【Categories】:Copper Ore
【Item NO】:Cu2S
【Specifications】:Cu2S,Cu79.86%,S20.14%,normally have Ag,sil
【Document download】:Click to download

Chemical composition:

Cu2SCu79.86%S20.14%normally have Ag,silver.

Physical properties:

Hardness :2.5-3

Weight :7.2-7 .4g/cm3

Cleavage: (110) incomplete

Fracture: conchoidal fracture

Color: Lead gray fresh surfaces, weathering the surface of black, often with Qiang color

Streak: dark gray

Transparency: opaque

Luster: metallic luster

Luminescence: None

Other: a little with scalability, not a knife jog powder, leaving light nicks; as good conductor of electricity

Other: a little with scalability, not a knife jog powder, leaving the bright notch; to good conductor of electricity

Optical properties

[Crystal form]

Orthorhombic bipyramidal crystal class; common form of a parallel single-sided c (001), b (010), inclined square cylinder m (110), g (011), d (021), e (023), orthorhombic double Cone p (111), v (112);

[Crystal structure]

Crystal system and space group: orthorhombic, space group Abm2;

Lattice parameters: a0 = 11.92 Egypt, b0 = 27.33 Egypt, c0 = 13.44 Egypt;

Powder diffraction data: 1.88 (1) 1.9746 (0.7) 2.403 (0.7)

Note: may contain polonium, a highly toxic radioactive polonium, but its content is extremely low on earth, it contains polonium chalcocite but relatively safe


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