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【Product Name】:Black Copper
【Categories】:Copper Ore
【Item NO】:CuO;Cu 79.89%
【Keywords】:black copper
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Black Copper is a copper oxide, and its crystal gray to black, usually earthy copper oxide production in the region. Copper has a variable takes the shape of the black block. Black copper formed in the lava, in some volcanic Department can see this black crystal. If the storage of rich, black as copper ore to copper mining.

Identification characteristics: under the microscope with high heterogeneity

Chemical composition:   CuO;Cu 79.89%,O 20.11%

Physical properties:

Hardness :3.5-4 .0

Weight :5.8-6 .4g/cm3

Cleavage: cleavage in the [011] crystal zone

Fracture: conchoidal fracture

Color: steel gray, iron black to black, etc.

Streak: Black

Transparency: opaque

Luster: metallic luster

Luminescence: None

Others: brittle

Optical properties:

Thin slices of brown. B-axis crystal. Nm = 2.63 (red). With obvious pleochroism, Nm-light brown, Ng-An He. Light sexual orientation: Nm / / b, Np a = 0 ° ±. Reflected light gray with yellow color. Reflectivity Rm: 20 (red), 27.1 (blue). Dual-reflector white to gray

Structure and Form:

C2h-2/mL2PC ; crystal growth was small plate or leaf-shaped, sometimes curved; main simplex are: parallel double a, c; oblique square columns f, p, o;

Crystal system and space group: monoclinic;

Cell parameters: a0 = 4.662, b0 = 3.417, c0 = 5.118 Egypt;

β = 99 ° 29 ¹; z = 4;

Powder diffraction data: 2.52 (1) 2.32 (0.96) and 2.53 (0.49)

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