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¡¾Product Name¡¿£ºBornite ore
¡¾Categories¡¿£ºCopper Ore
¡¾Item NO¡¿£ºCu5FeS4
¡¾Specifications¡¿£ºcopper contain of 63.3£¥
¡¾Keywords¡¿£ºbornite ore
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Bornite bearing Palladium and Platinum ,it is Cu5FeS4 ,copper contain of 63.3£¥ , Fe 11.12£¬S 25.55

Hardness: 3
proportion:4.9-5 .3g/cm3
Cleavage: (111) cleavage is not completely
Fracture: conchoidal fracture
Color: Dark copper red leaving it fresh, not fresh surface is often covered with blue-violet color macular Qiang;
Streak: dark gray
Transparency: opaque
Luster: metallic luster
Luminescence: None
Others: brittle, with conductivity

we need to import it from other country or states,supplier welcome to contact with us.thanks

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