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business-travel service
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 business-travel service

Friends from abroad to visit China, China's social and cultural environment, habits, laws and regulations and be unfamiliar with the geographical environment, we provide one-stop business travel service experience:

Included not limited below:

Business Investigation Invitation

+ Visa assistance

+ Flight ticket booking in China

+ Airport pick up

+ Hotel Reservation

+ Business Car Rental

+ Tourism charter

+ Guided tours in China

+ Business Investigation full translation

+ Emergency assistance to deal with service


General process:

1.  Contact your itinerary, listing the time of your visit to China schedule

2.  We are depending on your timing, develop your travel plan and to make the route, accommodation, eating places,match your public transport budget

3.  According to our budget, you need to give us some advance deposit, we begin the formal booking your trip necessary services

4.  You come to China, we are responsible to the airport for pick you up, take you to our reservation for you after your stay at the hotel approved

5. according to your itinerary, we make your business travel arrangements

6. When you need help and support, we provide do our best for all the support services

7. after Itinerary we will send you to the airport to leave China by plane

8. Please give our sincere evaluation of the service

All your travel arrangements, without your authorization, we will be kept strictly confidential.

We have received professional training in business assistant to help you solve business trip requirements.

we will give service free of charge to our customer which invited by us.

If you would like further details, please contact our head of business travel services

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