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Trade Advisory Services
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Trade Advisory Services:

Many of the transactions because of information asymmetry or transaction object for the host country or region of social management, laws and regulations, business rules, enterprise credit and reputation, background and other traders can not fully grasp the situation, the transaction is not successful or deceived occurred frequently¡£

Tianyou company act as A profound trading resources company, willing to trade or transaction process to provide high-value intermediate services to help both sides quickly establish a reliable guarantee integrity.

1, letter translation services trade

2, communication between the two sides trade translation services

3, as the intermediary for trading both sides of the guarantor

4, International Trade Business Consulting

5, the international trade shipping support

6, international trade customs clearing

7, witness the delivery of international trade

8, International Trade Finance Facility

9, the transaction collections

10, international trade law to support and witness

11, commissioned by the commissioning party authorization of the transaction parties to facilitate transactions of non-commissioned

12, commissioned by the commissioning party authorization, non-commissioned parties to the transaction due diligence


Our trade agency services are paid services, our charges will be according to customer's needs change, the specific circumstances described,please contact our person in charge of trade consulting services

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